Slow Chrome and Mozilla browsers

Because with a little time the browser starts to get slow when we are organizing blocks or programming and suddenly begins to slow or slow the movement of blocks?


we start working well and in a short time starts to catch everything all the time!

Strange here it works as it should.

Maybe more info about your project how many blocks, assets, how big are images as assets, etc.


is not, here we have a group of developers and several participants is going through the same difficulty. I created a clean project with nothing and tb with few minutes begins to lock giving leg on the screen

I’ll attach a zipped video so you see a comparison. (2.1 MB)

Kodular is somewhat more demanding graphically than Thunkable.
So either you have a weak PC as well as you mentioned that you were a group with several participants, then
perhaps your connection can’t handle several participants at the same time.


When I mentioned the group I mean a group of whats developers.
my Pc is I5 with memory of 8 Gbs, my net is broadband 20 megs.

So that’s not it either!

Neither your PC specs or your broadband 20 megs tells me much.

i5 may be the first generation
20 megs, maybe you still communicate slowly, 1000+ms

as I mentioned more graphically demanding, so what is your graphics card.


This is what it looks like to me.


The same thing happens to me. The block editor gets too slow. And the more blocks I add, the slower it gets.
My computer is not so powerful, with 4 gb of ram and a graphic nvidia gforce…
But it is frustrating that Kodular requires so much to work… Does it mean that to use Kodular I have to buy a supercomputer?
Now the same project that I was doing in Kodular I had to start doing in appybuilder because it was impossible to edit in the block section…
I prefer Kodular, but I can’t spend money on a supercomputer with powerful graphics and all that…

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