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Hello Everyone
Actually I am the owner of a gym and I have build a app through Kodular so in that there is a button when the button click so I want that the product of Tinxy smart door should unlock the door through my apps when anyone click on the button the door should unlock not in the Tinxy application see actually we have created a server in which we have created all the user database so as the user membership is expired we don’t want to give them allow to open or close the door that’s why please help me

Please Know about Tinxy and let me know how to connect it with my application

Please Help Me The api Documents link is -Control your Tinxy Smart Switches From Anywhere With Official REST APIs from Tinxy - Init Pals

Once you got your api key use to create your request and use web component and dictionary blocks to get info from api

So i can connect the smart door lock with my Kodular App

Then I am Going To Buy The Product Only When You Will Say Me

So Please Inform Me Then Only I Will Buy

This is not an official quide so I can no tell if this solution works or not.

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So i shall buy it

I think that tommrow in customer care i shall talk about it

Better ask the dealer if what you are trying to do will work or not. I can not quarantee that it will work or even suggest to buy it

Ok I shall confirm tommrow and then you are here only for helping me

I got my api key which is with me

You talk with him and clarify with the technician

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One the trust of you i am buying the product so Please Help Me On This

As I said you have to find out with the techician if it will work or not. This community is related to Kodular’s problems. If you are not sure if this will work or not then Do not buy

But okay you will help me yes or no

You already opened a topic at their community so you should wait for a reply