Smart Scanner {Another Beta version Release}

(Koder1331) #1

Hey every one I have developed this app named Smart scanner and I need BETA testers before launching it completely.
With this app you can scan, create , edit , remix share a Qr/Bar code.

This is a Qr/Bar code scanner but different from others because of it’s UI, Download and give your feedback and report Bugs if you found any .

I just struck into a problem while developing it so I decided to Beta Test it And if you could then share some screenshots of app along with Device name and screen size, it will be very helpful.
Here’s apk :- qrscan (2).apk (6.7 MB)

(Anurag Rai) #2

(Boban Stojmenovic) #3

And it crashes continuously for me


(Carlos) #4

Dude, it has a lot of bugs. You really need to make it stable before releasing it.
Good thing, you had asked it here first.

(Daniel) #5

One thing, why do you need to process my calls?

(Koder1331) #6

Thanx a lot bro for helping me out.Can you tell me Device on which you have installed apk and screen size and everyone else also Thanks for providing your valuable time helping me, and everyone who have installed it tell me Device name on which you have installed apk and screen size.

(Anurag Rai) #7

Its Redmi Y1

(Koder1331) #8

Yes,now I has a lot of work to do to fix all these issues and Thanx for your feedback

Because some QR codes contain phone no.s that’s why when scanned code is a phone no app recognises it and let you make call on that no using app’s call feature and in case if it’s not a number then app will recognise it as well and you can’t call instead you can use other extra features like msg, search on youtube and locate to provide you complete access to the contents of the scanned code with in app.
See here :-

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(Koder1331) #10

Thanks everyone for helping in Beta now I am releasing it’s BETA 0.2 with various improvements and Bug fixes

  • Most of previously reported bugs are fixed {hope fully}
  • App size reduced to solve crash problem
  • Bit of UI changes
  • And other improvements and components updates
    Hope you like this version, Download it and provide your feedback.

Note app is still in BETA so it may be unstable and may crash sometime and there might be some bugs as well so if you download it you must report them and also provide your feedback to help make app more stable .

APK :- qrscan (2).apk (5.6 MB){0.2}

(Boban Stojmenovic) #11

It doesn’t even want to start on my device


(Koder1331) #12

Have you granted all the permissions app is asking, because it won’t run unless you grant all permissions .

(Boban Stojmenovic) #13

First attempt without granting the permissions doesn’t work, second attempt granting the permissions still doesn’t work.

Bad idea, you have to notify the user that the app won’t run if he doesn’t grant necessary permissions


(Koder1331) #14

I’ve already implemented that, I wonder why it did’nt work but no problem I have updated the apk download link with this issue fixed {for now} download again from updated link and then try .

(Boban Stojmenovic) #15

Layout still needs some fixing

Btw, why do you have the need of removing my Navigationbar, doesn’t look good


(Koder1331) #16

Well that’s strange after Testing it on my phone now I decided to reimplement fab because it looks good.App looks completely fine on my device I think that’s the matter with screen size and resolutions which is causing biggest trouble to me .
see how it looks on my device

Now I have to figure out some way to deal with it and if you also, have any good ideas for this problem you can also suggest me and can you tell me your device name and screen size

(Boban Stojmenovic) #17

Are you using any calculations for sizes

Samsung Note 8, size have no idea


(Koder1331) #18

no not now :thinking: but yeah I was using them previously
and I will try to fix this as soon as possible. Well do you have any idea what’s causing real trouble because app looks completely fine and flawless on my device :sweat_smile:

(Boban Stojmenovic) #19

Sorry without seeing the code, layout etc. I can’t help.

Do a small aia file that replicate some of your design, then we can talk further .


unlisted #20