SmokeRing Application

Can someone help me develop this…? It is a free app to record the Ringelmann Colour of smoke. All it has to do is take a screenshot of a camera photo with a reference scale on it, and have a button direct the default browser to a ‘help’ URL

What have you done so far? Show your blocks etc.

don’t you like to try it yourself? its’s not that complicated…
to add the reference scale, you can use my image extension and its Overlay method
PS: I also offer personal support, for details please contact me by email

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Thank you Dean. I’ve been on at this for weeks and got nowhere. I’ve tried lots of things including an addon called Taifun Screenshot, but it never captures the photo part of the screen

I have emailed you

Thanks Surinder. This App is for public benefit, so it must be completely free, though I suppose I could find a very small amount of money

use the camera component to take the picture
then as already mentioned: to add the reference scale, you can use my image extension and its Overlay method

This is way, way beyond my ability. Thanks anyway.

Try this one SmokeRing.apk (4.8 MB)

There is! Great help free from Mods!

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You could use the surfaceview component to show a live feed of the smoke you want to check and put an image/chart inside it to check the color of the smoke against it. The surfaceview can just be a part of your app screen when showing the livefeed.

In this example i used a png with a transparant background.


As you can see in my phone the surfaceview image is upside down. NEXUS 5X Android 8.1.

The surfaceview has a build in block to save an image of itself.

These are the only two blocks in the app right now.

Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 15.46.52


Thank you Peter