SMS Feature Not Working?

Hello developers!

I am creating a companion application that will connect to my visual basics program using Bluetooth for my latest project I’m working on. For the rest password screen, one of the features that I wanted to add in was SMS messaging for the user to be able to rest his/her password but for some reason, the message won’t send. Down below is a picture of the blocks that I was using. ** Image Below **

As simple as this is, I’m not sure why I can’t figure this out as I even went to to view some of my old projects with messaging. Comparing both apps side by side the only difference was a notifier extension I used in the old version but pretty much the code is the same. I’m not sure why it’s not working as I’ve read a lot of forum posts and GitHub posts and still can’t figure it out.

For the initialization of the main screen, I have a call screen to ask permission which I saw in a post on the kodular community. I’m not sure if I need it but I kinda helped my situation. I’m not using the contacts picker as I don’t need 1, the user should be able to type their phone number in the textbox and the message should send. Take a look and tell me what you think. Once again thanks for the help everyone!

May I know how you are sending sms to user number…

You should use “Permission Request” only when needed not on screen inizialize.

Well I’m not that’s the issue. Referring back to when I used Mit App inventor, i used the same code and it sent sms messages. I didn’t use a website to allow sms sending it just sent messages. In kodular I can’t and I have heard from other people that you have to use a website to get messages??? Not sure about that one.

Let me clear you. in starting I use iftt services to send sms but now it’s stopped then I start using firebase authentication.
I dont think so that now you can use any website to send sms… So no ans

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i have used that before 1 year, and that was working and sending sms from my mobile, i will check why its not working for you, btw you have to use if mobile is not = empty then show notice, else set phone number and send sms.

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