SMTP email for delivery app

I new in this creating app thing, and I’m trying to create an app where people can send data to my email so I can delivery their request, but I’m kind of lost, don’t know how to make everyone that downloads the app use the same email account to send me the data (e.g. set the smtp to [email protected] and everyone uses this account).

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Search for an extension… They are good option

I konwo there is an extesion to do it, what I nedd to know is how to set up things so anyone who download the app can send the email using the same set accout withou havig to change it for each person

try this one

but wait till the extension developer update new version of it. because it having an error for new version of kodular. Its good, im using this same feature you want

Instead of any extension use iftt services… Its free

how can I do it? (I’m really new at this thing)

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tutorial… if you know hindi then watch the tutorial if not then watch tutorial & pm me.

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don’t know hindi but I think I understood well the video, thank you so much

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Just mark my ans as solution…
Your Welcome

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it seems this way is not working anymore :frowning_face:

see an overview here Different eMail solutions
and one of the solutions is the IFTTT solution
Trigger IFTTT to send an email using App Inventor without user interaction


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