Solution For My App Database

Hi, I need to store this type of data:
Object1 : Value1 - Value2 - Value3 - Value4
Object2 : Valu1 - Value2 - Value3 - Value4
Also I have to create a search, modify button and the possibility of export and import database

What is the best solution for me? I have seen TinyDB but I believe I cannot do this. While SQLite doesn’t allow me to export


Do you want to place multiple values in 1 field?
Can you explain it better?
What does it mean: export the database?
Why not give other users access to the database?

So I was looking for the best solution to store this data. Barcode: Color - Weight etc. and the possibility of obtaining a backup of the entire database.

I have to create a database / application that scans the barcode and the user will enter all the various options.
CodeBar: 77777777777

The DB export is used in case the user has to uninstall the app, so he can make backups

Google sheet as well as airtable will be better also firebase too will be better

With an online database, you won’t need it.

I think that every user needs a personal database because in my opinion on Google sheets using only one sheet the information could be mixed
P.S. I don’t have a budget.

If you design properly it won’t mixed up. Show your gsheet,if exist, or show the model or try something with your idea. If you do not achieve what you want or face any error mean post with your blocks…

Immediately it will get resolved

I realize that you are new to programming and database.
I suggest reading about it in order to help yourself.

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