Some Data Not showing from tinydb

I try to When Screen Initialize call TinyDB data to show name & Email in side menu & Screen Profile section
it shows the email id correctly but doesn’t show the name

Which authentication you tried?

You cannot get all the details from that event dispatcher unless user provided in the sign-up page

Google & normal email & password-based.

Screenshot of singup page

Then you can have email, email providers such a details only. While user signing up time just use one textbox, and store that value in tinydb

But don’t use name.text as tag, use name as tag and value as name.text and when singup successful, just use further blocks to proceed, and don’t use any tinydb block over there,

I Store that value too

Don’t Understand can you please send me a screenshot of this function.

What I mean is, in multiple places you are using tinydb to save certain details…

When user clicked button for email sign in, in that event use three global variables as 
Set global name variable to name.text
Set global email variable to email.text
Set global phone variable to phone.text

When user sign up success , use
Save tinydb tag (user details) value (make a list (global name, global email, global phone)

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