Some one cut the power

Will remove Icon and will Check block system and will Check pacakge name but it’s getting Some one cut power what is the solution

Search the forum please. This has been asked before. Search for the firebase error.

Sir Any Example sir

Whats so difficult in searching the forum?

Sorry sir I don’t know what can I search

I think @Peter is loud and clear enough. Search the forum.

Help me sir please

Where can I search sir

I know this error .this error is beacuse if you have placed wrong app pakage name in firebase or correct in firebase but not in app.

How to solve this?
So, the best way to solve this is by checking all the upper case and lower case spells in
and in your app main screen .hope this will solve your error!

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The problem can be due to either json file is old or not uploaded.
And the best way to solve it is -
Search for firebase authentication in community