Somebody nothing to do & want to help?

I need some koders to translate something.
It is for the weview component which shows a dialog when a location request is done.

Can you please help to translate?
Dont forget your translated language and the iso code of your country.

You get the iso code from here:

Current are following languages done:

  • German
  • English
  • Indonesian
  • Turkish

GERMAN = {“Berechtigungsanfrage”, “Diese Anwendung”, " möchte auf Ihren Standort zugreifen.", “Zulassen”, “Ablehnen”};

ENGLISH = {“Permission Request”, “This Application”, " would like to access your location.", “Allow”, “Denied”};

INDONESIAN = {“Permintaan Izin”, “Aplikasi ini”, " ingin mengakses lokasi Anda.", “Mengizinkan”, “Ditolak”};

TURKISH = {“İzin İsteği”, “Bu başvuru”, " bulunduğunuz yere erişmek istiyorum.", “İzin vermek”, “Reddedildi”};

ISO 3166-2:IT
ITALIAN= {“Richiesta autorizzazione”,“Questa applicazione”," vorrebbe accedere alla tua posizione.",“Permetti”,“Nega”};


PORTUGUESE = {“Requer Permissão”, “Esta Aplicação”, " gostaria de acessar sua localização.", “Permitir”, “Negado”};


DUTCH = {“Toestemming geven”, “Deze applicatie”, " wil uw locatie weten.", “Toestaan”, “Weigeren”};


There is a grammar/word issue in Turkish. Because it looks like machine translation (like Google Translate)
This is the right one:

TURKISH = {“İzin İsteği”, “Bu uygulama”, " bulunduğunuz konuma erişmek istiyor.", “İzin Ver”, “Reddet”};

Thanks .
Yes i used google translate :joy::joy::joy:


Unfortunately there are more than 22 major languages in India:expressionless:

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ISO 3166-2:HU
HUNGARIAN = {“Engedélykérés”, “Ez az alkalmazás”, " hozzáférést kér a tartózkodási helyéhez.", “Engedélyez”, “Megtagad”};