Something seems very wrong with this app...

My project AULMobile seems to have lots of runtime error problems.

It is based on the concept of the Among Us editor on GitHub: Releases · Koupah/Among-Us-Editor · GitHub

But still the app seems to work perfectly fine even with all those errors.
I don’t get what is wrong. So I’ll post the unfinished AIA here:AULMobile.aia (957.4 KB)

I’m kind of sorry because of this app being too big to look at :frowning_face:

I couldn’t find any errors so I’ll let it to the experts.

Instead of posting aia, it would be better to explain more about error, when does it occurs, etc. Also you may like to post relevant blocks.


Why do you have another account on the community? Only one is allowed. Which one should i delete?

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