Something Wrong with admob interstitial ads

In my application admob interstitial showing not skip able for 5 second ads but when i press back button ads close immediately.

i try with both with when back press block and without this block. but both time same error

Till now it’s not confirmed as a bug so I have changed the catagery.

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you confirmed this is not bug ? i think after confirm you need to change as discuss.

Why are you changing category

how i confirm it’s bug or not ?

Post some relavent screenshot, video or apk so that staff will confirm if it is a bug.


Make a video of your screen with ad issue or post block image so we can really help you and understand problem

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Problem is simple interstitial ads. ads able to close after 5 send video watching than but here is problem close immediately when back press.

I think no need here any block, screen shot and videos.

and i don’t know why everyone change topic category without any checking or responsibility. category set bug by me because i confirm its bug. if anyone know or confirm its not bug than post here its not a bug and change category.

Without understanding Why you changing category ?

@themaayur are you from kodular staff ?

If you think it is a BUG then provide us with a sample aia that demonstrate that behavior, for now it is unconfirmed as it is only you that experience this and thereby the category should be Discuss.

I’m the last person who will try to recreate your issue especially when it comes to ADS

Not a staff however, users that have ability to change/modify has earned this privileges to help staff/mods…

Last time I change this to Discuss

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i am unable to share aia file in here.

Problem is when interstitial ads videos playing i press back button ads close but the ads its non skip able. i am not using “when back press” block.

that’s why my yesterday ctr gone 0.23% from 3-4%

Please someone check from your side because i am unable to explain.

This is not a bug. Those are AdMob rich-media ads (Shown as an Interstitial ad) and it can be skipped anytime. No need to wait for 5 seconds.

But the interstitial video ads non skippable ads for 5 second.

you mean non skippable ads does not even appear in admob interstitial video ads.

Sometimes they are non skipable not everytime.

Contact With Admob. Tell Them To Make All Interstitial Ads Skipable :grin: :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: Without Waiting For 5 seconds. Or Use Alternative Ad Networks


This is how a non skippable interstitial looks like. This ad can’t be skipeed without waiting. And, if the timer is coming to the top right/left corner on ad, without having anything written, you can simply skip that. I can’t show you second example right now. But will update this reply if possible.

Edit: You can show us the ad type you’re fetching problem with.

This ads means ads non spkippeble for 5 second i am right ?

but this ads when i back press closing ( i press back when 4 second left but ads closed )

this is a admob interstitial video ads

Unfortunately you’re not! This is second ad type I already mentioned on my previous reply.

Read this:

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