Sort Firebase Tag List/data in ascending or descending order

HI Koder , in the community i have seen alot of threads regarding issues in sorting data that they are getting from firebase .But there is no practical short solution.
So if you gyz want a guid about that then u can take part in the pool so that i may get to know about how many of you want this and can work on it.


after this u can sort data by ascending and descending orders.

  • Yes i want
  • No, No need

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Here is a solution…

First of all its paid
Second it looks different from what i m saying.
Furthermore m not insisting to create a guide on this. it depends on the demand that’s why i asked and create a pool.

If you gyz want to buy then its upto you its not my concern.

Also I don’t know which method @Alapjeet has used.

It will work for every list right?

yup it will but we have to make some changes in order to make them work …which type of list you want to sort?

hmmm… can you sort it in the firebase? I don’t know, haven’t serach up yet.

but for me I will just sort in the app :sweat_smile:

may be it becomes possible as
i am still experimenting and i am focusing on tags (tag names etc)

ohh good may you share your method… may be in pm if you dont mind .
and how many blocks are you using to achieve it?

I think sorting using lists is not hard
There’s lots of way to sort, depending your needs
Maybe I will show some methods later, but now I am busy

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Hmm i know… But my concern ls different…because most of the time we have to create a list of lists and then order all lists according to a standard that requires a lot of blocks
But in my method we require only a few blocks and may be no extra blocks at all(in case if ordering is done in firebase )

That’s why i asked u

Ok thanks​:blush:

List of lists… I will always think firebase realtime database as a json, so I rarely save a list :sweat_smile:

That’s a good idea…

I want to show how set the list in order what block i used with working…

blocks (1)

Result of this…

:innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:


This method is more simple:

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I think my blocks are easy to get make ascending order because accroding to your block replacing item everytime if it is greater or not…

and in my blocks item search his position where it will fit and then item insert takes place…
your blocks are also heavy and there is more loops …

Actually m not gonna make any guide on this topic bcz @annaschawdhary157 has done this earlier than me
And our concept is almost same but has some differences… But his method is also very good and smart.
So u gyz can also follow this guide linked below

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What I mean is my guide is a bit more simple, I didn’t use any extension…
And I believe the performance of my logic is better.

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Ooops i misplaced my words… I got one misunderstanding :joy::joy: m gonna clear it


easy… but To much blocks for a simple function…

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hello everyone, will you help me with a problem? I want to sort a list of lists by highest score of users. Example: the user_information list has inside 3 lists with user data: name, surname, score. I tried to use the listutils extension, but when I do the sort list, it converts my list of lists to a single list and I can’t extract the information with the indexes. thanks

Maybe help You:

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