SortList - Sort Any List By Ascending Descending Order [List Addons] [Extension] [FREE]

SortList - Sort Any List By Ascending Descending Order [List Addons] [Extension] [FREE]

Very simple extension to work with list. It’s call SortList Extension. Using this extension you can sort your any given list by Ascending or Descending order.

  • Total Block This extension have only two blocks.

yo.Jewel.SortList.aix (6.2 KB)

  • Ascending This block help to sort your given list to Ascending (0-9) (A-Z) (a-z) order and return a new list.

  • Descending This block help to sort your given list to Descending (9-0) (Z-A) (z-a) order and return a new list.

  • Let’s See Demo Blocks And Example -

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    nice extension :wink:

    Another great Extension !!

    BTW, why don’t you combine 4 of your extensions into 1? :pleading_face:

    Thanks dear @AryanGupta

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    Thanks @Alaqmar_Bohori

    I have build those extension when I’m traveling.
    When I have time for merge it, I’ll.


    Really osm extension BR0.

    Isn’t there already an extension for this → @yusufcihan :


    Thanks dear @bodymindpower

    Please try to understand this, the method is not same, and that’s more easy for user to understand this system.

    Is that really hard to understand? :upside_down_face:

    I don’t think so.

    Thanks for advice, dear @bodymindpower

    But I didn’t know that, already available an extension for this work.

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    Great extension @JEWEL keep up your good work. :+1:t2:

    and another 2 method extension after already released a 1 method extension about lists

    and another 3 method list extension…

    what about merging all the 3 list extensions to have only one list extension having 6 methods in the end?



    @JEWEL I can’t found download link, could you please tell me how to download??

    It’s under the first image :shushing_face:


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    How to Merge two List

    Use this block

    I will want used this extension like PANDAS in python to filter columns an rows from a excel sheet. Can you tell me if it is appropriate to do it.
    Thnak you a lot.