Sound Record, Save & Share into Particular Directory with Recorded File Viewer In App

I know there are many topics regarding how to save files into ASD. I have read almost all of them. That made me confused because methods keep changing as well as the rules and extensions frequently. Also, as per the latest update, a new update is coming to Kodular. So I am extremely confused about what to do and what not to do.

So here I am looking for a single, complete solution to follow. So therefore, I am creating a single post with an example of blocks, aia, and apk test files.

Right now i am using API 27 Mobile to test and run the my app. The download and save feature of sound file working fine in my phone, except it delay some minutes to show the file in download folder. But i am not sure it will work fine in other API’s, specially API26, API 30, API 31

The blocks I am using are as follow -

The extension I am using DownloadToASD.aix. By @bodymindpower

                                      - Taifulfile - By @Taifun 

Test Aia -
Sound_Save_Testapp.aia (335.0 KB)

Test apk -
Sound_Save_Testapp.apk (6.2 MB)

Secondly, i also want to show the list of the downloaded files in my app. How can I do that?

I tried to download the Taifun Jukebox Aia file for reference, but the link is not working. Also, when I download the Taiun filelist aia for reference to this, it also gives an error while exporting.

Provided aia files by Pura Vida Apps are created with MIT App Inventor and in order to work with Kodular you must change properties settings when you import them to Kodular or edit projects setiings using 7zip to open archive and a text editor before importing them


Okay how to do that ? using which software i can change the property of that aia file and what changes i had to do in order to make that aia work in kodular ? Also the link of Pura Vida Apps Jukebox is not working.

Thank a lot, also please have a look on my 2 main problems -
1.Am i using the right method to save files ?
2. How to show the list of saved files in App ?

Your app does not download any files.

So what is my DownloadToASD extension needed for? The ASD can also be used with the TaifunFile extension.

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Thank you so much you always provide me the solution. Please solve my confusion related to save the files. I am using the correct set of blocks ? and will it work in all API’s ? @bodymindpower

1 more things i want to clear -
These 2 permission i have to ask for all API’s to record and save the file ?

Yes, but why not save the wav files directly to the Shared folder /Download?

WRITE permission is sufficient because it implicitly (automatically) grants READ permission.

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So i don’t need to save the file in ASD First, in any API’s ? I can just save file to Shared folder /Download ? without using any extension ?

So these permisison block will work in every API’s ?

Wow thanks a lot

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If i use permission granted blocks, my hang app -

The aia - Permissiontest.aia (154.5 KB)

The apk -

Also, please have a look on this note too.
Thank you so much @bodymindpower :pray:

See here:

I am saying a different thing -

  1. When i take permission like this, it work completely fine -

(Using 2 screens, 1 permission for each screen when initialize)

  1. But when i take permission using permission granted blocks, it hang my device -

Try this one (it requests WRITE and RECORD_AUDIO permissions):
File.apk (5.9 MB)

Manifest of File.apk:

Yes, it works absolutely fine, but when we migrate to another screen using a close-screen formula, this causes errors (if we use those permission-granted blocks). Like I provided the example aia and apk files above,

That’s exactly what I did.

Really, but did you also try by switching to another screen using the close-screen method? After using these permission-granted blocks, And if so, my phone has some serious issues: :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_tear:

I had to do it this way to get around the current bug in Kodular:

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