Sound recorder component helps

Hello I have a query.
I want to use the sound recorder to generate an audio and then save that audio in an image format in the list so that I can listen to them.

but as I save the recorded audio in image format.
but they could give examples.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-09-02 a la(s) 01.59.46

You have also two accounts on the community. Which one should i delete.

Sorry I created that account but it is personal, I just need to know how it would be to use when generating the audio to image.

is there a problem? or protocol that can’t help me? what problem arises

what is the problem in this question i broke the rules? or something like that

You can only have one account on the community. So i would like to know which i should delete.

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I understand, it says delete my kodular account completely or just delete the post?

because I have projects in both.

if it is to delete the publication

Eliminate Juan Guevara’s.

and use this post.