Sound sensor is not working

Hello! I created a magic app producting a playing card when making noise near the microphone. But the sound sensor does’nt work and I can’t use my app.


la carte au smartphone.apk (4.8 MB)


Maybe show what you are doing.

That’s done. I added a capture of my code.

Never used this sensor but your blocks are not right


And did you set the checkbox in the designer or in the blocks to start listening?

Yes. And usually, this code works very well.

What is usually?

Usually, the sound sensor reacts when i make noise near the microphone. But here, nothing happens.

So it has worked in Eagle before?

What android version do you have. Do you have your microphone enabled with permissions if necessary? RECORD_AUDIO

yes, it is. and that was working perfectly.

I have android 9. And yes, the microphone is enabled.

Can you show us how you are storing the image in your TinyDB? FYI, in a TinyDB, you only can store texts, that means, you need store the path of the image you’re trying to show to make it work. :slightly_smiling_face:

I chose a picture in image picker, and the tiny db stores my picture.

As I said before, TinyDB can’t store images. What you can do is encode your images into Base64 hash, save the generated hash in a TinyDB and decode it before you set it as an imageview’s picture. To encode/decode the images in Base64, you can use these two methods from Cryptography component :point_down:

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But my method works very well. I just process this way:
“carte” is an image picker. Try it, that works!

Hey which font you are using?

Try shuffling these blocks:
But I’m still not sure what’s wrong with it. It would be better if you could show all your blocks.

That screenshot is taken from my phone, having Google’s Product Sans font.

you are storing a link to the image in TinyDB
the image itself is stored in the internal sdcard of your device

PS: the original question was about the sound sensor… for new questions please start a new thread. thank you.