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Hi everyone, I would like to know if any of you could create an extension for me for a fee with which I can scrapping any website but without limitations, I saw that there is an extension called webscraper but unfortunately it does not work with all websites, that is those in java and aiax … I am creating an app where through a webview loaded with cryptocurrency sites each of these once logged in gives me the opportunity to earn coins that accumulated then convert them into btc currency, I would need to keep always the number of coins that I gradually gain … if anyone is interested they can contact me by email … Redacted by moderation. Use the PM functionality instead.. Thanks to everyone and congratulations for the beautiful comunity!


See this.

You do know these crypto exchanges have public api to use? It’s way easier than scraping the website especially if they use javascript to update prices.

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hello thanks for your answer … with bees it would be easier … I tried to search the net but I had no luck … I use faucetcrypto.com and other similar sites … could you give me some suggestions on how and where to look … i love kodular and challenges … thanks brothers :wink: