Specific position of a vertical arrangement


is there a way to move a vertical arrangement to a specific position of the screen, when pushing a button or selec something in a listview ?

please search before asking
here - [FREE] Repositioning Tools extension


not really this
i d like, on a “defilant screen” when many arrangements screens wich are are stacked, to move the screen (a scroll) to make the chosen vertical arrangement taking place at a specific position.
The screen move and not the arrangement

i really dont understand you want to take a arrangement to a specific position? if yes then what i gave is that only

also if you asking to manage the scroll of arrangement then use - ScrollHandler: Handle the scroll of scroll views

yes, it s this, thank you…but there is no aia file…only aix

well it is easy to use

how do you open an aix file with kodular ?

there is a option to import extension in kodular you dont know?

see this -

ok thank you. i forgot this :frowning: .

it works . have a nice day

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