Speech recognizer through multiple screens

Hello. I have tried searching the forum but have not found the answer to this problem. I am using the Speech Recognizer (the downloaded ScSpeechRecognizerV9) in my app but want to incorporate it through multiple screens. The following is how the program works:

  1. On the initial startup screen, the user can select a voice button to activate the voice command feature (or skip it to just use buttons).
  2. When voice activation is selected, a TinyDB variable is stored indicating that choice.
  3. The user then mentions a key word to move the program to the next (second) screen.
  4. On the next screen, the program checks the TinyDB variable to verify if voice activation was selected (from the first screen). If so, then voice activation runs waiting for a key word to open another screen.
  5. This continues through 2 more screens. The last screen makes ‘cards’ visible based on the key words mentioned.
  6. When done the user uses a key word (or presses a button) to return to the initial screen to start the process all over.
    **Now the problem arises when back on the initial screen, the voice activation stops working. It does check the TinyDB for the voice selected variable so it can start listening again. But no matter what I do the voice recognizer will not function, when control returns back to the initial screen.
    Has anyone seen this before and/or know if there is a fix for this issue? Due to the nature of the app I do need the multiple screens. I am trying to get the app to start the listening process again from the beginning.