Speed Limits Sensor

Hello Koders, I do not usually open topics but this time even researching other topics, googling, asking for help from developer friends, and so on, I could find a possible way to recognize the speed limits of a street, road or highway. I mean, I know it is possible because other apps do, but where does this information come from?

May be through GPS :thinking: I means it may be possible to analyse the position of any device with respect to time. If the device is changing its position quickly within particular time period then it can be said that the device or the owner of the device is travelling at high speed. Also possible vice-versa.
But this is just my pure guess though. :sweat_smile:

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Imagine you are driving and you see a street sign showing that the speed limit there is 40 Km/h. Some GPS can get this information somehow. That’s what I’d like know how to recognize.

Am… I don’t know/am not sure how it will help you, but have look at this :point_down:

Speed limits  |  Roads API  |  Google Developers


Thanks @vaibhav. That’s exactly what I meant! I will read the documentation carefully and see if I can implement something.


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