Spinner Text showing not showing Bug

I have being on this issue for over 5 days now and search all over the community, but unable to get to solve this issue, i have created a spinner, but it doesn’t display the text. Do anyone also experience this issue or have you being able to resolve it, please i need someone to share his solution

Yeah i also face this bug

You have to give more info then an image. Can you show how you populate your spinner. And show the designer settings. Colours for instance.

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@Ipadeola_Kabir could you post a simple aia that demonstrates the issue? I like to check locally to make sure we have addressed the issue.

Sorry for replying late, see the color choice and elements options used for the spinner


Find attached the . aia file

web.aia (1.8 MB)

I was able to resolve this issue myself, the problem was because the width of the spinner was small, now the text appear