Splash screen instantly Open and app lagging

Dear Koders, i have seen some kind of error or problems i don’t know
I just made a simple app just for fun and self-use but after exporting an apk file I have seen some errors like when I open my app a splash white screen shows and after that app’s first

Direct_Message.apk (8.8 MB)
screen1 open screen 1 blocks are attached with picture and also apk file this apps works but lagging please use this app and tell me the solution

I didn’t experience any lag while using it

One suggestion place start activity block below data uri setup as it starts activity before setting data uri

No issue while opening the apk but after giving the number it is not working properly though I am giving correct number it gives wrong country code.

Same thing appen to me :wink:

May be because he has set c_code text to +92

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Yes… But @papakiid1to9 , avoid + symbol, it will give you error the number is not in whatsapp like and do not give any space also


beacuse default country is +92

I think you better understand

Thank you so much dear friend :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Now it’s working properly and also instantly detect the Whatsapp.

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