Spreadsheet "Data already exist, try another one"

Guys, i wanted to have a notifier when same data was collected in spreadsheet. i want the notifier to be like this “the data already exist, try another one” can you help me?

Show your blocks and elaborate more please

Just use gviz method of calling

If data exists it will return results
Then show notifier
Else (it is understood no data is exist) show or assign blocks for if no data exists


This is my blocks, i wanted to have a notifier that can notify my users that “Place was already booked, Book another one” or “Data already exist, Try another one”

Ref prev reply

Just use gviz method of calling

I don’t know how to use the gviz method. I don’t even know what Gviz was, all I use was the spreadsheet extension :frowning:

learning is always better than any other… so that i have provided the above link also ref the second link too