Spreadsheet data not showing

I have used fusion table to store my datas online . Now i have data upto row67 but in my app fusion table shows only upto row 30 .How to show all of my data.I tried to make webviewer component fill parent,automatic and 100 percent but non worked.screen also set to scrollable.


Show your blocks

I have searched about this topic but there is no any answer related to my question

The topic also tells you to give enough info if you want help. You posted just an image. I asked you to also post you blocks.

There is noblock.i just put webviwer compontnt and webaddress.I have used fusion table component to show spreadsheet data through webviewer.
When screen 1 initialize the spreadsheet become visible.I have total pf 67 row on my spreadsheet but only 35 row becomes visible.
Webviewer component is set to scrollable.screen also scrollabe but all of row isn’t visible.how to show all row?