Spreadsheet .Got Column and Loops Don't Seem To Work [SOLVED]

While retrieving data from AirTables, I’m trying to use as few spreadsheets as possible. Seems like it wants a separate spreadsheet for every column.

While this setup works as expected:

This next one does not. I get values that are ALL labeled Status, even the data from Items table.

The difference is using if loops inside the Got Column. The data is conflated if using a loop. Why does that happen?

Any help is as always, greatly appreciated.

It works only if that variable is TRUE. So it depends on the value you give to that variable…


You can use only one Spreadsheet component to get as many columns as you want. You have to use a Counter variable that changes according to the column you want to get. Something like this:

Of course, recursive calls! Calling the .Got Column for two columns conflates the data. Having the .Got Column call the .Get Column for the next column is brilliant! Thanks so much.

Now I have a .Got Column with 25 if loops and 280+ blocks. It works, but I wish there was another way to do it, cuz its a lot of blocks in one container.

Thank-you very much, I’ve been hitting my head against this particular wall for several days.

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