Spreadsheet Set Cell Problem

Hi Kodular Community ,
I need a little help in my work. i am creating an application that shows restaurants list in cardviews. Everything working fine but when i click bookmark button which sets spreadsheet cell value to 1 or 0 it multiplies the cardviews by 2 times on every click . There is no other block which adds more restaurants list in previous data . I don’t know why it’s happening . Is there am doing anything wrong or it’s bug .
Please i need it urgently. Let me know if it can be resolved.
Here are the sequence screenshots
This is the Home page that shows 5 restaurants list in card view :

Here is the screen when user select any cardview to show it’s full detail :

When we click back (It hides the full screen view and visible the home page content) in the above screen then it shows this screen :

Here is the Block of Bookmark procedure :
Opera Snapshot_2021-03-25_005210_creator.kodular.io

Here is Tiny DB Storing ID of selected Cardview :

First show us the block of how you are storing the values in tiny db under the tag of Row


Hi thanks for the reply . I have updated the description including Tiny DB block . Please check and let me know if you have any other questions . thanks

Littile bit confusion is here, Whenever user clicks you are storing the id in tinyDB but you are using it in bookmark. Both are different. For bookmark , first you need to store the tiny DB in a empty list and then if user clicks bookmark that value need to store in tinyDB. If user clciks multiple , then one by one it will show the user in a row of list

If possible, have a look at this bookmarking blocks

Thanks for sharing these . but i am confused why it’s generating copies of all cardviews. I have used global variable now instead of TinyDb to get the ID. But nothing changes . same issue . please check the video . i hope you will better see what is going on . thanks

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How many objects are there in your I’d?? Whenever your press bookmark, it stores all the components present in the id.

Our last question is, after pressing bookmark it is showing some cards value na, Is it all same or as given the first series of id

I did not added any block to store all of 5 Restaurants data when it click bookmark because i already stored Spreadsheed data on screen initialization but i think it’s doing so. I am just trying to store the value 0 or 1 to selected restaurant database which can only be possible with his selected id .

After pressing bookmark button it shows one more series of data as the previous one within same row. It actually duplicates the first whole series of cardviews on every bookmark click.
It also shows one more series of cardviews inside first series of cardviews in bottom but these shows only images no labels.
It’s too confusing for me . Do you have any idea what is going on ???

If you don’t mind share your AIA or pm. Let me solve it… unable to guess without full blocks and your ideas. I repeat, if you don’t mind. Thank you

In your bookmark function, there is no clear cut informations like what are the items need to display. Thats why it is behaving like this