SQLite extension (SPONSORED!)

my sqlite extension offers an Import and Export method…


Este aia esta dando erro!

Welcome. The official language of the forum is English. So please translate your text.

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Sorry. This file is not working when I roll into Kodular today!

Can anyone please update the aia, or can anyone help?

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agreed. It would be helpful
hope someone can post it

You can get all the files from this topic:

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The extension from @CarlosPedroza27 is since a long time a component of Kodular



sure, i know but i’d liek to have an aia tu study the funcionality

Don’t give direct links of files if you are sharing someone’s content. It is always better to link the related topic.

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Sorry :pray:, will never happen again by me.
Post edited!

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aia file link is damaged, is it possible to upload again or update link?

Download from same topic on Thunkable:

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i have a question, i saw that when screen initialize you have to create the table (if not exists)

what if i have to use more than a table in my screen?
maybe not only phonebook but something like cities?

then you have to create each of the tables separately using that Single SQL method

i think i have to use different tag in tinydb for each table i guess
and i’m thinking…why not multiple sql?

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Hi , * I want to run multiple queries in kodular but do not know how to . How is it possible to do that ?*

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