Sqlıte extention can edit the database on the computer?

I first read the documentation and the topics but i don’t understand because google translate does not translate correctly and my english is not enough. I make an app withs sqlıte. I want the application to make changes to the open database on the computer. i use this sqlite database in another place. so the sqlite in the application needs to be the same as on the computer.
Is this possible?. I’m sorry if the topic is silly or off topic.As I said, I don’t understand much because of the different language problem.

You could try this

then you do not need to use the device sqlite at all, and all devices can access the same data

thank you so much

1-Use a local server: there are several packages that install Apache+ PHP+ Mysql ( xampp , wampp , laragon )
2- Use Mysql, local to your computer, with PHP Scripts that exist in the community.

3-Access the server and look for the information of the Mysql tables. ( Web Component )
4-Make an update in Sqlite using the data coming from Mysql.