SQLite/Notifier/Button not working the first time

@Taifun @Rogerio_Rios mystery solved, as ever @Taifun was right. I will start by thanking you both as this is a long read and you may get bored and not reach the end ot this message. Your insights have been very helpful, thank you gentlemen.

To the moderators, this topic is considered solved and should be moved from the bugs to a special location called blooper made by this guy, with my face on it.

If you check the initial post you will see that once the firstrun notifier executes, it suggests to the user to go to the settings and once settings is pressed…
After choosing

As you can see the header.ignore is only included in the ‘else’ statement not the ‘then’ statement. I removed that ignore.header from there ‘AfterChoosing’ and placed it directly after the sqlite import is performed and problem solved.


any screenshot of the error?
it looks like you are reading or writing from/to the internal (emulated) sdcard…

Regarding the 908 error, I have no screenshot as it is very fast but…

see Q11 here [App Inventor Extensions: SQlite | Pura Vida Apps]App Inventor Extensions: SQlite | Pura Vida Apps) about how to import a database from the assets on Kodular… however starting with the latest release Kodular now uses /Kodular/assets as directory for the companion app for devices < Android 10 …

I followed the PuraVida instructions to the letter as you can see from the block code. The code may state that it will import to Makeroid in case companion is present but still, I can see all the assets being installed in the Kodular folder.


Ids are usually auto increment numbers.

Not in this db, I manually made a column with specific ids

Did you try show in one label or Textbox Component ?
Did You try Change " to ’ ?
InvoiceID is varchar ?

Nope I did not and since the solution was in the header.ignore (see above) then there’s no point in looking into it.

I think the correct thing is to show the field name and value. Not ?

When one tests the sqlite syntax with an sqlite manager or browser extension, the result should be the value alone as the headers are ignored by default. In Kodular and probably Android in general (? no idea), the developer have to specifically instruct for the headers to be ignored.

Once again thank you both gentlemen.

I have never used extension with Sqlite. There was an app crash and close issue when I was creating the table. I think it was solved by changing the SuppressToast property = true


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