Standby phone when application open


how do you remove the phone from standby when the application opens and put it back on when you close it?


What do your mean by remove it from standby?

The Phone needs to be on to open the App.

I d like the screen of the phone to stay Always on when the application is running, and use delay wich is in the setup, when the app is off.

You have to go in the Profile Icon in the right Corner. And choose Settings.


There you can Check: Show experimental Components.

Activate that and close the Settings!

Then you can find the „Keep Screen On“ in the Screen Section.


If you want to keep the Screen in all your Screens always on, go to Screen1 and check the Option in the Advanced Options.

Do you know if it s only when the app is running, or it changes the phone setings ?

Only when app is running

Ok , thank you :+1:

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