Start (1) & length (4) exceeds text length (3)

i’m making a “search engine” for the list view with image.
i see that there is another discus with a search bar, but it is not very accurate.
so i Looked for improve it and i make this:

it works fine and follow the order of the letters but if i write more then 4 caracters i’ll receive the error: Start (1) + length (4) - 1 exceeds text length (3)
i try to understand the error but i don’t find a solution.

Listview_Search.aia (1.1 MB)


There is a text with only 3 characters of length: BMW. It is impossible to get a 4 characters segment of 3 characters long text.

Just replace the rounded blocks with item variable.

the problem is that some item is shorter than the usertext!
okay, now i understand the problem.

i do this and it works without problems!

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