StartApp Extension from Abhijith Dominic no longer works after Eagle Update

my Problem is, that after the eagle update i can no longer use the extension, i mentioned above.
I know there is a startapp component in kodular, but i need to set a consent decision for european users. it is not possible with the startapp component from the creator. I also tried to use Admob (Banner), but i still dont get the consent message for european users, since i asked month ago. it simply did not work. I have tried all cases!
Many Greetings and thanks.

you cannot use third party extensions to load ads after Kodular E update they all are banned !
you have to use native ad components present in kodular

Ok, but i need a consent message dialog for european users, to change from personalized ads vs. non personalized. And with admob i dont get the consent message, althought consent development mode is true. I have tried all things. i load an Banner when screen initialize. I also tried it with a clock after 10 sec, then with a Button. The test ad always works, but i never get the consent…

clear the app data and try again it comes only one time for a user

I tried it, but it still does not work… does it work for you? Maybe you could five me a block example, that definitely works? I already have tried a lot.

can you attach your apk here let me test

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Can we use enhance extension or not?

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I have a bigger App, but to test and because of performance, i made this test.apk. testBanner(4).apk (6.6 MB)
Ahh, i forgot the .aia, testBanner(1).aia (2.0 KB)

Is the consent development mode is selected in drsigner ?

yes, it is. I have tried it with both. True and false.
I will try it now, without to see the the consent message, but i need to know the behaviour a little more. When the app initalize the first time, did the consent decision message pops up directly or first until the banner load event begins? I need this knowledge because i need to translate the consent message in 3 languages.
And when a user press revoke consent, will it pop up immediately, or first until the app initalize again?
Hope you can Help. Many thanks.