Status Bar customization

Hello i am new here just wanna know that is there any way to add a status bar like in this image IMG_20190915_084802|690x158. Basically i want a status bar that doesn’t hide my content.

Welcome, did you search the forum. I think this has been asked before. Almost everything has been asked before.

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If there was a solution that can fix this problem I would be happy. I already searched the forum related to these topics but didn’t found anything statisfactory. That’s why i am asking this and if you still think that this problem already has a solution let me know.

Oh wait, you want to make your own statusbar? I don’t think that can be done at the moment. You can make your own titlebar with an arrangement but never heard about the statusbar being customized.

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Hi @it11 welcome to Kodular Community

If you want to customize color of Status Bar then it is possible.
In Screen1 properties>Primary Color Dark / Status Bar>Set color


Another option is to hide the statusbar and create one with a 20px horizontal arrangement maybe

24dp => android 6 else 25dp


I’m bad for math :sweat_smile: