Status bar light icons not working

hello, I want to use the white status bar in my new app so i enable this block. it’s working when the app starts and if we minimize the app or reopen it is not working. fully white status bar icons not showing. I also added the same block on the app on a resume but still didn’t work anyone knows how to fix it. I’m using android 10.

Screenshot (477)

@rvbanna420: Please also upload a pic of the designer, or even better, let us see the aia file



Change status bar colour… Then mY be it starts working

i want to use white status bar that why i enable this block and you saying that change status bar color nice solution lol


I already tried this works but only until app open if we minimise app or drop down quick settings it reset to white.

Thanks I used same clock block in app resume and it works


its only work for api 23
Thanks, you should read the documentation of component

No if you use this clock method works for all api versions, I tried with different api levels working :heart_eyes:

It should not work below API 23, that means Android 5.1.1 and downwards.

Yes, you are right . i told him in my previous post also.

Not only api 23 more that api 23 i.e from version 6.0

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