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I searched and didn’t see an answer to this question, but is there a way to check the visibility of a component’s parent? I have a list of radio buttons that are part of a layout that gets hidden with a toggle switch, I was wondering if I can check to see if the parent layout is visible before checking to see if they are checked. I have several of these layouts and would love to only have to use one procedure to make this happen. Any Ideas?

How many arrangements are you using and post a screenshot of the designer view

They are all being created using the Dynamic Components extension. So I can’t just refer to the designer component.

Show your Blocks then

Nevermind… I just rewrote everything so that I can track each section separately. Lots of lists… WEEE!!! Each parent goes in one, each section of radio buttons go in one, and I can check the individual sections based on the index of the first one. I was just hoping for an easier way.

I learned programming writing scripts for Unity and you can refer to the parent there, and I was hoping I could here too.

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