StatusBar - Make your statusbar transparent 🥳


StatusBar provides you with no events or procedures. By dragging it onto the screen you want, it will make that screens status bar, transparent. I came up with this, not only to make it simpler for those who want a transparent status bar, but also because I am making something that looks amazing with a transparent status bar!

This is excluded from my open-source policy.

If you have version 0.1.0 or are starting out with StatusBar, it is recommended to download version 1.0.0

The minimum API is 23 or Android Marshmallow. This will be applied automatically when building your AAB or APK.


Nice extension :star_struck: :star_struck:

Does this created using @UsesActivities annotation.

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You should provide an screenshot of preview

Not it does not. Just drag it on to the screen of your choice and it will set that screens statusbar to transparent!

There is nothing to preview.

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you can add set white or dark icons.

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Well it doesn’t do that on my device…

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better if you show image of blocks

:point_down::point_down::point_down: :neutral_face:


oh sorry i did not saw that

Keep it up nice extension.:heart_eyes:

There are no blocks!? Just this block.

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Can you show me a screenshot of it not working?

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That is the intended result. However I do think I have a solution for a better result which will be out in a few day. Thanks for the concern.

Wow, Nice Extension @Stormi :sweat_smile:

Thanks, but there was no reason to advertise your extension in someone else’s topic :yellow_heart:


Can you make extension that shows what GPU render you are device has? (Ex- Adreno ,Mali or PowerVR).

Most devices use Adreno, it would be useless. But the option is open to another developer.

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My Device use mali but thank you for replying :+1:

A Great Extension. Loved It… :+1:
But I can’t see any block image?