Still Getting Same Error With Device Tools

Still Device Tools component has bugs.

Are you sure this error is from device tools?
I think you are doing something wrong in the blocks.

Yes… I’m sure. Because I’m getting the error just after adding this component.

Please share a screenshot of your blocks.

I will look again into it.

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You should use a other logic.
Can you share your aia?
Then I can show what I mean.

you should first load the tag list after you got the IMEI and not reverse

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So I was right here.
The call Device Tools1 . Get IMEI block is wrong placed, you should place it in the when Screen1 . Initialize event.

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It does not need to be on initialize.
It can placed anywhere. If the user does not grant the permission then he only get no IMEI.

the problem is the blocks logic on the image.
Get tag list should on the Got IMEI event block called and not reverse.


He can then use some logic like if the permission is not granted, then the app would close.

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Yes, we mean the same, but as I said as recommend by google, the user should not be asked on app start for the permissons.

Only if a permission is needed, the user should be asked.

In this example it makes sense to call it on start, but not in other cases.

And the correct blocks should looks like something like this:

(the store value on got imei must be changed, I just used paint to order the blocks new)


Oh thanks… I got it

not working

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