Still waiting for approval that may never happen

Hi all
I submitted an application almost 3 months ago and still no response!!!
is this normal???
help me to overcome this semi-eternal blockage… is there another solution (for example changing the application which is under examination or…)
And thanks to the team of coders.

Search the forum instead of spamming it. Your issue has been addressed multiple times already.

I simply posed the question to the members of the forum to benefit from their experiments with Kodular, I do not see that I tried to spam it. Try to understand me - waiting 3 months seems a bit long, doesn’t it???
I’ve searched the forum and haven’t found a solution. have you a ? And thank you in advance…

Then you must have seen the hundreds of topics like yours.

Yes, publish your in Play Store.

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There is no point in complaining or expecting that it changes. The last time they made everyone wait for months, some more than a year I guess, and then they just refused all the requests without even analysing.

If the new automatic approval system works perfectly this problem will be solved. Otherwise everything will continue exatctly as it is. My suggestion to you is: Use niotron or another builder, or if it is not viable, use enhance (it will increase app size, but not as much as it was in the past).
In some cases it will be the only choice since kodular blocks any extension related to monetization, even if the extension refers to an ad network not provided by kodular.