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I want to make an app , which gets data of NSE and SENSEX (only single data), how can i do that??

for example like this,

i don’t know two main things ,please help me

  1. how to get URL of api for NSE and Sensex or other finance website
  2. how to api url is JSON or HTML??

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this website will be help you for the api and json

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can i use that , with the app i give link??

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Make your own logic and and if you get any problem than i help you

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i have one major problem, where and how can i get Api url



I don’t know much about APIs or haven’t use them yet but to help you for your above problem, I just Googled the term 'xignite api' and got this :point_down: possible result

Market Data API Catalog

Hope it helps you :+1: :slight_smile:

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Thanks vaibhav, but it asks for company email for registration,
do anyone knows which site gives api link for NSE and SENSEX data fetch

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This 2 likes will be help you for api

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Thank you very much @nikhilbobade27 for help.,
do you have any other sites ??

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Yes i have check this 2 websites
A Stock Market Solutions Company

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THANKS @nikhilbobade27

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