Storing Information to different childs in realbase

Hi, i’m in need of some help please.
Im trying to send data frim kodular to be stored on the realtime database. Ive been successful in some instances but still not managed to achieve what im after.

I am trying to get data such as: name, phone number and a password to be stored in a different bucket. Within that bucket i want a tag that displays the “name” (with no value), then in a new child have the tag “password” and the value being the actual password.
Then in the next child down the same thing, but with “phone no”.

Ive youtubed it, googled it, read through loads of the community stuff but still cant get the data to store in a new child.

can anyone help please.

Show your fb structure

I Cant get the password and phone number on different lines to the name. any ideas of how to set kodular blocks to make this happen please?

Set project bucket like this 1/2/3

And call the tag phone number and password

Or set the above as fb tag (without project bucket) and call data… once get data use dictionary block to get the key value of number and PWD

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oh my golly gosh. im sure i already tried that, but hey its working now. thankyou soo much.

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