Strange Character

Good morning all,
After scanning an NFC tag with an Arduino reader, I retrieve the scan result (normally a number) from a database on Kodular with the bluetooth client compoment

When I scan my database, I get this result with the little sign in front of the number …!
I tried to replace it (Text> replace all text) by “” but that prevents me after loading my blocks! Thank you to Boban (Staff Kodular) for helping me get my blocks back!

Do you have a lead. I can’t seem to find the meaning of this character.

Try this and see if it helps


Thank you Bodan for this solution! It works well with the previously reported character.

Now I end up with a list with added “spaces” as shown in the screenshot:

In the analysis of “list”, we normally see that each data is separated by a space.
In the list received, I actually have a space added which makes an “empty” line when I display it in a list view


instead of
(2 10 150)

I tried to replace “” with “” but it doesn’t seem to have any influence.

I tried to look at the encoding side:
& # 13; (CR)
& # 10;
& # 11;
& # 12;
& # 10;

but this has no influence: Complete Character List for UTF-8

Anyway, after hours of testing and research … I’m stuck. If you ever have a lead, I’m interested.
I also can’t figure out if the error is from my arduino or from reading in Kodular.
On the off chance I also give you the arduino code.
When it reads the NFC tag, it only sends the digits with the BT HC 05 to my tablet. When I display in the arduino non-editor I have the numbers alone (2 10 150)

#include <SPI.h>
#include "PN532_SPI.h"
#include "PN532.h"
#include "NfcAdapter.h"
PN532_SPI interface(SPI, 10); // création de l'interface SPI pour l'adaptateur NFC
NfcAdapter nfc = NfcAdapter(interface); // création de l'objet adaptateur NFC
const int buzzer = 2;
int led = 3;  

void setup(void)
   // Serial.println("NDEF Reader");
   pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(led, OUTPUT); // Configure la broche 8 de la carte arduino en sortie
void loop(void)
   //Serial.println("\nScanner un peripherique NFC\n");
   if (nfc.tagPresent())
       NfcTag tag =; // lecture du périphérique
       if(tag.hasNdefMessage()) // vérification de la présence d'un message NDEF
         NdefMessage message = tag.getNdefMessage(); // création de l'objet NdefMessage
         for(int i=0;i<message.getRecordCount();i++)  // parcours de tous les enregistrements du message
            NdefRecord record = message.getRecord(i);  // création de l'objet NdefRecord
            int payloadLength = record.getPayloadLength();
            byte payload[payloadLength];
             const char caracteresOK[] = "0123456789"; // 
            for (size_t i=0; i< payloadLength; i++) {
            if (strchr(caracteresOK, toupper(payload[i])) != NULL) Serial.write(toupper(payload[i]));

Thank you