Strange posts read requirement for ProKoders membership

This is absolutely Off-Topic. I was just interested why this number is so… unrounded?

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postsReadRequired = randint(10000,11000)
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Reaching TL3 doesn’t mean that you will automatically become a ProKoder.


Sadly, yes.

I know, just discussed about that with @Mateja.

Being ProKoder is something special in my view. You are yourself responsible if you want to reach that goal. Behave yourself as i describe in the post, but don’t forget to have some fun also when playing with Kodular and even on the community.

I am much older then you are, so i look differently to a lot of things happening on the community. I spend a lot of time moderating to keep the community clean and as safe as possible. This means also less time for me to use Kodular.


Is there such thing as age requirement for being a ProKoder?

Since i think you logged in here with a gmail account i guess the minimum age of working with Kodular is 13 years, since Google only gives gmail accounts to users that are 13 or older.

Being a ProKoder has more to do with your actions then with age.


Whoops, @Mateja! Thought you were : Just an 11 year old publishing apps on Google Play ?

All things I do online are completely legal and monitored by my parents. I never make such accounts without guardians’ permission.

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Mine too. :kissing_heart:

That may be true, but Google could think differently about that. Or are you using the Family Link option from Google? Also Kodular has to be very careful about opening their services to children that are to young and could lead to legal issues.


Yes, my parents have enabled such thing.

EDIT: Just asked my parents, they have confirmed the same.
EDIT 2: I believe you need to have the Family Link option enabled to make an account for your child (<13 in EU).


It is not a fixed amount, is a variable amount that takes a percentage of posts based on the number of posts during a certain period of time


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