Strange things happens on my code

Hello kodular team,
I am really surprise because surprisingly I discover, missing parts of my code in one of my projects, and some audios, were mixted up, I thought It was an error on my code, but it was not I discovered one of my mp3 audio playing another mp3 track audio that doesn´t have nothing to do one with the other, is there something wrong with kodular platform?
Also It seems that my messages do not reach the kodular community because nobody answer it. Is there something wrong?
I hope somebody from the Kodular team would answer.
Thank you very much indeed

Did you by any chance had more than one instance/session of creator in your browser? Cause this is not good practice and may cause issues. Most probably from the behavior you mention your project got corrupted

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Thank you very much for your answer Dora,
Since I have to start all my project again, I have opened my original project and my new project at he same time not copying and pasting it but typing it again. Because my original project was imported from APP Inventor and I can not upload it to google. I wanted to start from zero deleting the keystore imported from APP inventor.