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I am adding some tracking to my app with firebase. To be GDPR compliant I cannot have the ability to identify the individual based on the data. I want to create a uniqueID that is sticky with the device.

My thought was a Hash of the IMEI. However I need to make sure this works with tablets and with phones, so I can’t rely on that. The device serial is not being pulled by device tools on my rooted tablet (Android 7).

Does someone have a suggestion of how to grab a unique piece of data from a device, so that if a user deletes the app and reinstalls, the same device would be ID’ed.

I do not want people to have to register until they pay for a subscription, but I want to limit what they can do, and do not want them to cheat.

I have the firebbase working, I just need a way to setup the unique userid, as I can tie that to functions.

Any advice for me please?


Am not sure but IP could be great to use as a user’s unique serial.

Have you tried the serial numberimage-4

Ip is not good for mobile devices as it will change from network to network, area to area etc.

Cant get it from my tablet

Administrators can answer this
Did you try the other extensions there are extensions for the same function

Solved. The Device Serial Number is not available on Companion. Tested in APK mode and it is fine. My strategy of a HASH of the Device ID works.

Another option I thought of is MAC Address of WIFI, however there appears to be conflicting reports about if it is accessible after 6.0 or not.


Ok I wanted to follow up on this as I discovered a few things.

  1. There is a hardware serial number that is different then the device ID, however different device vendors need different call functions to get it.

  2. I was incorrect about the DeviceID. I think I found a bug actually. If get.Serial is invoked from the Screen initialization it wont return a value consistently. The call needs to be invoked from a button. This is fine for me as I have a “Do you want a tutorial” message. No matter what the person presses on the Notifier, it will invoke a proceedure to get the DeviceID, and Hash it.

Nearly 24 hours on this nasty little thing, and it is now solved, while I think I discovered a bug. Going to post a bug report now.

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