Stripe api - between users

I’ve been talking to some of the community about this and we tried to see some way to do it and we couldn’t find a solution.

My idea is a payment system using stripe so that users can buy products online from each other. For what we would need:

-Stripe user data where the money is deposited

  • Buyer’s purchase data
    -Invoicing data (rejection, successful, canceled, refunded)ç

Almost all the means of payment where the community could successfully get its api are only for India or platforms that benefit only the developer. So I think that if we can implement an api of this style it would be incredible for everyone.

P.S; I looked at the documentation of the app inventor about apis but I can’t do it with this stripe or many of us.

Any ideas?

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We can try with php

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yes, but I don’t know anything about php, how does it work?

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Yup… I am trying… If I am succeed will share it soon…

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that’s good, thanks :fist_left:

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hey, have you gotten advances ??