Stuck with this problem since 3 months

I have been using this set of blocks to display pdf from google drive

but its not working on some devices. it just shows white screen and nothing else. while on other phone it works fine.
kompass.aia (723.5 KB) .
plz plz help me with this.

Important information is missing: which devices work and which do not (device names and Android versions).


not working on samsung j5 with version 5 and working on gionee x1 version 7.0

You are getting your data on screen initialize. The app is still doing stuff which is done faster or slower on different phones. That could cause your “problem”, which isn’t really a problem.

You could use a clock control with timer interval set to 1 second/1000 milliseconds and that clock is set to true on initialize of the screen. In the


You can put your get cell blocks

If it still doesn’t work you have to make the time interval bigger.


Yes, I can confirm that it does not work with Android 5 (Samsung Galaxy Note 3). Only a blank white screen. On Android 9 it works. Maybe I’ll check it later …

Your web viewer is hiding

If you check carefully, you will see between your ads that there is something there but not high enough

Try this

Working like a charm on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Android 5


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As always excellent, Boban!
But the (my) question remains, why did it work before on devices running Android > 5?

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I guess higher android versions handles two scrollable views better


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Thank you @Boban you are really great:blush::blush::blush:

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