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Hi there, I hope all be fine.
I’m devoloperring an application for photographic reports, one of the requiriments is generate a image with subtitles about service in execution.
I’m using a CANVAS object for get image after take picture and write the subtitles on it, but when I use a mobile whit different screen resolution the subtitles are generate in wrong place, have a mode to do the CANVAS generate the legends on the same place independing of screen resolution?

Below the procedure to generate the subtitles.

You should make the X and Y in a calculation.
Use the screen width or height for your calculation.
Then it will look on all devices the same.


@Mika thanks for help, do you could give me a exemple?

X = ((Screen[n].Width/30)×100)

would give you an X ordinate 30% of the screen from the left edge.


@Kanishka_Developer thanks, I get it. :slight_smile:

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