Suggestion: A button on the extensions tab to easily access the components post on the community

Hey there,

I just saw this on thunkable, they have a link to directly see extensions from the community in the extensions tab of the builder. We also have a post where all extensions exist, there could be a link that redirects to that post.

Like this:

Senza titolo

the “Extensions from our Community” text.


and here is the post that you should redirect when the link is clicked:

With increasing number of extensions day by day, it’s hard to maintain a full list of all extensions. So you have to look for extensions manually.

You can visit to get info for many extensions at one place.


@TurboProgramming alternatively see the probably most complete extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps



A year ago this was said, and a year later more had been added.

I’m glad to say that I’ve updated Index of Available Extensions to include some new devs and make it easier to find your name. Checkout what changed by clicking on the orange notepad at the top right corner.