Suggestion For Companion

My suggestion for companion is that if QR Code scanner opens automatically when Companion is Initialized


Yes that would be very helpful.

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I wouldn’t want that. When i work on my Chromebook and have my Companion running on my Chromebook i have to manually enter the code.


We can change it in settings

And Peter
Which emulator do you use

I don’t use an emulator. You can run apks on your Chromebook. So it is really fast.


Why not add Kodular login to companion for improve speed? It’s can be optional and if user singed with Kodular account we can automatically connect. With it we don’t need type qr code or read it from camera

Like ThunkableX’s companion? Hmm I like the idea…

However, I don’t know if it’ll be possible to change the current WebRTC implementation.

Yes , Thunkable already has this feature, I think Kodular team can add this.